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Site Launch Event ALMOST OVER!!!

Recruit NOW, SPAM some ADVICE Later!!!

The Event

In celebration of the creation of a website, I have decided to host an event to liven the guild.
It is about building a community of players, who are competent, cool as well as helpful to those around them.

Despite the faulty site, the event is running from the 21st through the 27th of November 2010.
Members will see the event show up on the rest of the days of the calendar.

Your Mission

Recruit as many people as you can within the next week to increase our numbers as well as our presence in ARAD!


What Would an Event BE without Rules

1) They must remain in the guild, at least until the end of the event period. No point in inviting people if they leave 10 seconds later because you somehow cut a deal with them for gold (LoL)

2) They must not all be level 1 suspicious characters. To be safe, recruit at least above level 20.

3) They shouldn't be weirdly named like 'flnflkang' or 'vhrdervhr'. I don't want a guild full of spambots. Just please, recruit properly.

4) You must submit a screenshot of you inviting them to me. You can make a folder on tinypic and upload all of your pics, then submit the link to me by the end of the last day of the event. OR, you can have them tell me you recruited them to the guild.

5) This event is open to current guild members only, unfortunately the recruits will have to wait until the next event. I won't say you should be registered on the site, however you should register or else I will be unable to determine the legitimacy of your claims for recruiting. (How will I get the link?)

OH! I almost forgot..the prize is a BOBO PET!
To the person who recruited the most people within the event period.

Have Fun

Greetings to all new members and veterans.

This is the official website of the AdviceDogs guild for DFO and all information pertaining to the guild shall be posted here.

DFO information on important maintenance/updates or patches shall also be posted here for your convenience.

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